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All across the United States, the weather is at that weird phase where it’s almost spring but it’s still winter. In some states, Monday seems to be winter, Wednesday is a nice spring day, and then by Friday, we are right back to freezing temperatures. All of the rain, snow, and dramatic temperature shifts can have a dramatic effect on your home’s foundation.

Whether it is raining or snowing, water is constantly going into the soil. What happens to soil when it is wet? The soil expands. Now, what happens when water freezes? It expands even more. This expansion is what is known as frost heaves.

What is a frost heave and how does it cause foundation problems? 

A frost heave is when the soil swells upwards, due to freezing conditions. This means that the soil is pushing against your foundation, creating pressure on your foundation walls. This can cause prior damage to become much worse, or new cracks to form. 

Each freeze/thaw cycle changes the size and shape of basement cracks. Winter cold is brutal on your basement. Concrete basement walls are very common. Concrete has little pores throughout its composition. These pores allow moisture to enter the concrete. When water freezes, it expands. When water in a concrete block freezes, it can cause foundation cracks. 

How your foundation handles the change from spring to winter 

As we mentioned in the blog “What is the best time of year to fix your foundation?”, when spring comes, so does the rain. Heavy rain can cause new cracks. After we get out of the cold season and enter the rainy season, this seems to be when foundation problems are most apparent.

Heavy rain can cause new cracks or make existing ones more noticeable via water damage.

As we are shifting from winter to spring, pay attention to your home’s health and watch out for any signs of foundation problems. Call us if you find anything worrisome or if you need help figuring out what to look for!

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