Finding a Contractor: Part 1

Whether you’re having your foundation repaired or simply having some cracks fixed, finding a competent and reliable foundation repair contractor is the first step to a successful and satisfying home improvement project. Your home may be your most valuable financial asset, That’s why it’s important to be cautious when you hire someone to work on it. Home improvement and repair and maintenance contractors often advertise in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, and on the radio and TV. However, don’t consider an ad an indication of the quality of a contractor’s work. Your best bet is a reality check from those in the know: friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have had improvement work done.

Another valuable source is from foundation engineers. An engineer will come to your home and analyze your situation and give you a written plan to solve your foundation problems. With his recommendation get a written estimate from the foundation repair contractor. Have your question ready and make sure that he answers them to your satisfaction. To learn more of what you need to know before meeting with your contractor visit Depending on the size and complexity of your project, you may choose to work with a number of different professionals:

  • Specialty Contractors use particular products, such as tuck pointing and landscaping.
  • Foundation Engineers oversee major renovations and make sure repair are done correctly. If your project includes structural changes, you may want to hire an engineer who specializes in foundation repairs.
  • Sheetrock Contractors have expertise in drywall repair and make sure that your home looks like new after the repairs are done.
  • Many Foundation Repair Contractors provide one-stop service. They see your project through from start to finish.

Don’t Get Nailed

Not all contractors operate within the law. Here are some tip-offs to potential rip-offs. A less than reputable contractor:

  • Solicits door-to-door
  • Just happens to have materials left over from a previous job
  • Only accepts cash payments
  • Tells you your job will be a "demonstration"
  • Pressures you for an immediate decision
  • Offers exceptionally long guarantees
  • Asks you to pay for the entire job up-front


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