Hot, Dry Weather Can Impact Your Home’s Foundation

Summer is in full swing. The hot, dry weather can impact your home’s foundation. But how can it affect your foundation? We will teach you about the problems with heat on your foundation.

hot, dry weather causes soil to become dehydrated and crack
Hot, dry weather can

Soil Shrinkage

When the temperature gets hot and dry, the soil becomes dehydrated. Typically, the soil around your home’s foundation is slightly moist. When it becomes dehydrated, the soil shrinks and moves due to gravity. The soil is then unable to support your foundation causing the foundation to settle. Basically, everything begins to move downward during these dry periods.

Hot, Dry Weather &Sinking Foundations

A home’s foundation will settle until it finds support again, which mean the longer the area is dry, the more your foundation will settle. Dry soil under your home begins to move, and your home’s foundation will move until it has soil to support it again. As a result, the foundation and home can tilt in the direction of where the foundation is sinking. So, one corner or side of your foundation can sink further than other parts. That’s why hiring a professional is so important. They can determine exactly how far your foundation has settled and where.

Water Evaporation in Concrete

Does your home have a new concrete or slab foundation? With warm temperatures, water will evaporate out of the concrete. This can lead to cracks and water getting inside the cracks.

Hot, Dry Weather? Call A Professional

If you are experiencing hot temperatures where you live, your home may have foundation damage. Call a professional and ask for a foundation inspection. They can ensure that your home’s foundation is strong and stable, keeping your family safe.

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