How does My Foundation Repairs Work?

We get a lot of calls from people with questions, that know they have a problem with their foundation but don’t know where to start. We are here just for people like that. So what happens when you call My Foundation Repairs?

We Find the BEST Contractor for YOUR Specific Problem

We have contractors in our network all over the country. So when you call us we will ask you a few questions to narrow down the list of contractors to meet your need. Every foundation problem is unique and so are the contractors that fix them. We need to get details of your problem to match you with the right one. We will ask you your address and contact information, and then we will ask you the most important question: “What made you call us today?” Describe to us your problem in as much detail as you can. Also, we will want to know if you have a basement, crawl space, or slab foundation. We can also handle problems with seawalls, sinkholes, concrete, and retaining walls as well as waterproofing problems such as yard drainage or water in your basement. Foundation repair and waterproofing problems go hand in hand. If you have a water problem there is a good chance you might have a foundation problem as well.

Once we have your information, our team at ECP (Earth Contact Products) will match you to one of the contractors in our network that is also in your area. If you are a homeowner, the estimates are free! Our contractors do work with real estate agents as well as both residential and commercial foundation problems so we can find a match for just about any type of structural or foundation related problem.

Our contractor will then give you a call, discuss the problem, and set up an appointment to inspect the problem. Usually, you will get a call back from them within a 24 hour period. If it is an emergency, we will definitely do our best to get to you much sooner than that!

If you have any questions, call us. We want to provide you with useful tips and advice on this website and in the end, find a solution to your foundation problem that fits in your budget! (Definitely ask about financing as many of our contractors have options.) Thanks for working with My Foundation Repairs. Now let’s fix that foundation!

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