How Sinkholes Form

Why You May need Sinkhole Repair

sinkholeHomeowners, especially in regions that have a karst terrain, which means the ground below the surface is made up of soluble soil such as limestone, should be aware that sinkholes may be forming. The state with the most karst terrain and where sinkholes occur most often are Florida (which is number one), Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. This type of terrain dissolves faster than other types of terrain, so when water moves through it, it creates spaces and voids. This is what causes a sinkhole and the ground to collapse. When we hear in the news of a sudden, tragic event that has happened because of a sinkhole, these events are rare. What could be happening under the foundation of your home can be a slow forming sinkhole.

Signs a Sinkhole is Forming

Looking for signs that a sinkhole may be forming are some of the same as foundation settlement. Some of the signs of foundation settlement signs are cracks in walls and/or floors, bowing walls, sloping floors, sticking windows, and leaning chimneys. Because these are some of the same signs that a sinkhole is forming and causing your foundation problem, some different signs can indicate that a sinkhole is forming. These include the cracks in the foundation form in a circular pattern and trees and fence posts are leaning.

sinkholesBeing aware of how sinkholes occur and watching for the signs will give you the knowledge needed to get the problem repaired before further damage is done. You don't need to worry about a sinkhole forming if you contact a professional at the first sign of one. My Foundation Repairs contractors have the ability to fix these voids under your foundation using the best products available. The professionals at My Foundation Repairs use Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of sinkhole repair and foundation repair products made in the industry.

Cement grouting is done as one of the solutions for sinkholes. This grouting is applied to exact areas that need support and fill the void. It mixes with soft soil creating more support. Compaction grouting moves the soil and fills it in with a mortar-like grout. If you have observed your foundation sinking or leaning, call us for a professional to come and take a look. They are experts and have the equipment needed to evaluate the soil and find the solutions needed for the problem.

Get Help for Sinkholes ASAP

It is important to look for any signs of foundation problems and to get a professional to take a look before the problem gets too big. Whether it be for a foundation repair or taking care of a sinkhole that is forming, they will get it fixed and you will have peace of mind that your home is stabilized. The repairs that are made are long-lasting and will keep your investment at the top of the market if you ever want to sell it.

Don't lose sleep over the worry that a sinkhole that may be forming. Contact My Foundation Repairs for referrals to a professional who can examine your foundation and the soil surrounding it to give you the best solution to your sinkhole and foundation repairs.

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