In English Please? Simple Language Explaining Solutions for Foundation Repairs

If You Do Not Understand the Technical Terms, You Are Not Alone

Foundation repair is not an easy subject to grasp. There is plenty of information available, yet most of it is difficult to understand. If you are having difficulty, you are not alone. In order to get you on the right track, let’s provide you with a basic understanding of the products used in foundation repairs.

stack of piers

Foundation Repair Products Available Today

Helical piers: In foundation repair, helical piers are used whenever there is a need to resist tension, a force causing compression, or both. Helical anchors look like large screws. They are ideal for foundation repair functions including support for settling porches, steps, stairs, chimneys, and so much more. Helical anchors are also known as ground anchors.

Helical tiebacks: Helical tiebacks hold up the basement or retaining walls that are unstable or weak. This product provides the opposite pressure to cancel out the hydrostatic pressure in the soil causing the wall to lean. Think of hydrostatic pressure as the pressure you feel when you dive to the bottom of a swimming pool.

Steel or Push Piers: Steel piers are used when soil is compacted by the weight of a structure. As a result, the structure sinks. Steel pilings (heavy stakes or posts) are driven into the load-bearing soil beneath the structure. Then a hydraulic lifting system uses the steel piers to lift the foundation back to its previous height.

My Foundation Repairs Contractors Can Help You Understand What You Need

We have just covered the tip of the iceberg here.  Depending on your specific needs, there are many solutions available to repair your foundation. Contact My Foundation Repairs to connect with a contractor to answer your questions and help you understand what you need. We have contractors that provide residential services as well as new construction and commercial repairs. Our contractors use products manufactured by Earth Contact Products, ECP-an industry leader in foundation repair solutions. It is our goal to guide you along the process leading to a safe, secure foundation.