Industrial Foundation Repair

Many foundation repair contractors only have experience working on residential structures. That is why, when you are in need of industrial foundation repair, you have a contractor that is knowledgeable and has experience in industrial foundation repair. My Foundation Repairs has contractors that have repaired many industrial and commercial foundations. Our foundation repair contractors can also prepare a new industrial foundation so that there won’t ever be an issue of needing foundation repair. As an industrial property owner, you want to make sure that the foundation is stable and strong so that your business can thrive and not be interrupted with foundation issues.

Industrial foundation problems can occur due to several reasons. Some of these causes of foundation problems are:

  • Poor Soil Compaction: If the soil was not properly compacted at the time that your industrial building was constructed, the soil will be loose beneath the foundation, causing the foundation to shift and settle.
  • Soil Moisture Content: Excessive moisture in the soil will cause it to swell. Loss of moisture will cause the soil to shrink. This constant change in moisture content in the soil will cause the soil to continually shift. When this happens, the foundation will begin to shift and move.
  • Mature trees and bushes – Trees and bushes that have matured and are close to the foundation will draw the moisture from beneath the foundation, creating voids. This will cause the foundation to sink into the voids.
  • Weak bearing soils – Some soil is not capable of carrying the load of a structure.

For whatever reason that may cause your industrial building to have a foundation problem, the contractors at My Foundation Repairs have the experience to get the repair done with as little disruption as possible. It is important to know the signs of foundation problems. The sooner the problem is caught and repaired, the least amount of damage that will occur to the structure. Replacing a foundation is much more costly than repairing a foundation. Some of the signs to look for that may indicate foundation issues are:helical pier

  • Unlevel foundation
  • Wall cracks
  • Floor cracks
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Sloping floors
  • Bowing or leaning walls
  • Ceiling cracks

If your industrial building shows any of these signs, contact My Foundation Repairs and we will have a contractor come and give you a free inspection and free estimate. All  of our contractors use Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best foundation repair products in the industry. You can be assured that your industrial foundation repair will be done using the best products and an experienced contractor in industrial foundation repair.

Industrial Foundation Repair Solutions

ECP has built a reputation of providing the very best foundation repair products in the industry. ECP provides the contractors at My Foundation Repairs with the very best lineup of  resistance piers, helical piers, wall anchors, and foundation repair products for new construction and existing structures. The ECP facilities provide the ability to produce the highest quality foundation repair products.

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