Interior Basement Waterproofing

The Correct Way vs. The Easy Way


As the economy slowly starts to come back to life, a trend is emerging in the manufacturing and service industries.  That trend is higher quality goods and services, giving your end user more for their money.  That trend is everywhere, and needs to be discussed how it relates to the basement waterproofing business.   Are you offering the best products and systems, or just an easy way to get a job done?  It’s no longer 2007.  The blow-and-go, do whatever it takes to get to the next job attitude has to change as well. 

Let’s look at interior basement waterproofing.  There are many companies out there offering many different waterproofing systems.  A lot of these companies are offering an interior drainage system that sits on top of the footing.  Is a drainage system that sits on top of the footing the correct way to waterproof a basement, or just the easiest?  Simply, it’s the easiest way, not the correct way.  There are too many problems with top of the footing drainage systems.  For example: footings are level, placing a drain system on a flat surface doesn’t allow for proper drainage, hydrostatic pressure build-up under the basement slab will reach the bottom of the slab before a top of footing systems will work causing unnecessary pressure on the floor, top of the footing systems also leave a very thin layer of concrete over the top of the track when the installation is complete, usually less than 2”.  Top of the footing drainage systems only benefit the contractor.

The correct placement of an interior drainage system is next to the footing.  Placed there, you can put the proper amount of fall in your pipe.  The pipe is 4”-6” below the slab, eliminating hydrostatic pressure build-up before it gets to the slab and when the system is installed correctly, concrete can be poured back at the full slab depth.  And most importantly, this type of system is building code approved.  This is the proper placement of a drainage system to give the most benefit to the customer.

Top of the footing track systems look good, but do they function well?  Likely, not well enough.  What are you giving your customer? 

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