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The extreme temperatures and large rain and snow amounts in Iowa can be a problem for structural foundations. This is why it is wise for residents of Iowa to look for signs of foundation failure in their home and contact a professional repair expert as soon as any symptoms of a foundation problem are found.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Iowa

Foundation Problems are often caused by soil movement or variations in the moisture content of the soil. The main causes of foundation problems in Iowa include:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Soil shrinkage
  • Erosion
  • Soil Movement

Common Foundation Problems in Iowa

The common types of foundation failure – foundation settlement, shifting foundation, heaving foundation, and foundation cracks – can lead to various issues in all areas of the home, such as water problems, structural instability, and pest infestation. Downward movement of the foundation resulting in uneven floors and cracking is known as foundation settlement. When the pressure in the soil pushes on the concrete, shifting foundations and foundation cracks form. Common signs of foundation failure in your home

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Iowa

There are a couple of solutions for bowing or leaning foundation walls caused by foundation movement. The first solution is helical tieback installation. This is the installation of a large, screw-like device that inserts into the ground laterally and pulls the wall back into place. Another solution is wall plate anchors. These are installed in the ground outside the affected foundation and attached to the wall with a rod and plate that apply pressure to straighten the wall.

One of the best repair options for settling foundations is underpinning with foundation piers, such as steel push piers or helical piers. These piers are installed into the stable soils beneath the stop shifting layers. The piers are then used to support the structure while lifting and stabilizing the foundation. The main difference between the piers is the installation; steel push piers are driven into the ground, while helical piers are screwed into the ground.

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