Sump Pump, Is Yours Ready?

Many homeowners never think about their sump pump except when it is raining. Neglecting your sump pump can lead to basement flooding and foundation repair problems.

sump pumps

Recently, Earth Contact Products tested leading sump pumps side by side to test efficiency and performance. One of these tests pitted the ECP BSP-50 against a leading competitor for a one-minute performance test.

Sump pump performance becomes evident during periods of heavy rains. While other sump pumps cannot keep up with heavy rains, ECP sump pumps have up to 50% more capacity while using less electricity. When combined with an efficient sump pit these sump pumps even become more efficient by eliminating short cycling. You can find even more information about ECP’s lineup of sump pumps at their website.

Earth Contact Products is known as the leading supplier of foundation repair and waterproofing products in the industry. Their extensive testing and engineering allow them to deliver the highest quality products to their contractors who serve homeowners throughout the United States.

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