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The varying temperatures, along with the snow and rain that falls in Kansas can cause problems for foundations. In addition, Kansas is in the “Tornado Alley”, which just adds one more thing to worry about when it comes to the structural stability of your home or business. Let My Foundation Repairs match you up with one of our experienced local contractors to keep your building strong, stable, and dry.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Kansas

  • Soil Movement: Soil movement may lead to foundation settlement, sinking, shifting, and crack formation and can occur from poor soil compaction at the time of construction, large deposits of sedimentary soils, flooding, and excessive organic material.
  • Soil shrinkage: Shrinking soil, which occurs when the lack of moisture causes the soil to shrink, can fall away, creating voids beneath the slab that cause sinking and settlement.
  • Erosion: Erosion due to excessive rainfall or snowmelt may also form voids that can cause foundation failure, as erosion washes away the soil under the foundation.
  • Heaving and Settling: During freeze and thaw periods, when the soil expands and contracts due to temperature shifts, the foundation may heave and settle. This can result in
    foundation cracks and settlement.

Common Foundation Problems in Kansas

Foundation settlement, shifting foundation, heaving foundation, and foundation cracks are the main types of foundation failure. These issues can lead to other problems in the home, such as water problems, structural instability, and pest infestation. Foundation settlement occurs due to lack of support form the soil beneath. Shifting foundations and foundation cracks are usually the results of excess pressure from the soil around the foundation. Some symptoms of foundation failure in your home include:

sticking doors and windows can mean foundation problems

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Kansas

Since most foundation and structural problems are caused by a sinking or settling foundation, the best repair option is a method called foundation underpinning. In this method, helical piers or steel push piers are installed beneath the foundation, in the load-bearing soils deep underground. Once installed, these piers can be used to lift the foundation to the proper position and stabilize the structure, preventing future foundation issues and closing foundation cracks.

Sometimes, foundation shifting causes bowing or bulging basement walls that must be straightened with helical tiebacks or wall plate anchors. Helical tiebacks are installed from the inside of the affected wall and screwed into the ground to pull the wall into place. For plate anchors, an anchor is installed in the yard and attached to the wall with a plate and metal rod, which is tightened at intervals to gradually straighten the wall.

For these and other foundation repair solutions, contact a professional foundation repair contractor; My Foundation Repairs can help you find a foundation repair contractor in Kansas. Get a free estimate today.

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