Leaning Chimney Woes

Make Sure Your Chimney is Stable

ladder up a chimney, exterior

It’s Autumn, and many of us are wanting to use our fireplaces, but some of us can’t because we have a leaning or tilting chimney. However, this isn’t the only problem you will have if you have a leaning chimney. In fact, a leaning chimney is dangerous to you and to your neighbors. It can also be a really bad thing for your foundation. If you notice that you have a leaning or tilting chimney it is a good idea to contact a foundation specialist. There are things that can be done to repair your chimney that are minimally evasive and will protect your family and neighbors from a falling chimney.

Helical Piers Chimney Repair

Earth Contact Products produces the very best helical piers on the market. What is a helical pier? Helical piers have been around for a very long time. They came about in the early 1800’s. They are underpinning devices designed to carry a load, and are excellent to use when support has broken down beneath your foundation, or in this case, your chimney. A helical pier or two can be installed below your leaning chimney to provide support and lift the chimney back into its original position. Ultimately, this device is designed to be long-lasting.

Problems Caused by Leaning Chimneys

If you notice your chimney is leaning, an important point to make is that this is not a DIY fix-it job. It is important to realize that if it is not fixed, or isn’t fixed correctly, it can cause ill effects on the rest of your foundation. It can put extra strain on parts of your foundation which can cause bowing and leaning walls, wall cracks, or foundation cracks. If you notice any of these signs, My Foundation Repairs can point you in the right direction of a foundation specialist near you. We have a network of foundation specialists in many areas throughout the country.

Additionally, Earth Contact Products offers other solutions if you notice bowing and leaning walls in your home. Plate anchors or wall anchors can be installed to stabilize, support, and straighten bowing and leaning walls. They are economical and can be installed without causing too much disturbance to the yard around your foundation.

So enjoy the Autumn and Winter months with your fireplace, now that you know your leaning or tilting chimney can easily be fixed with helical piers. Now, you can look forward to a cozy season! So don’t put it off. Get in touch with your local foundation team today and get started on fixing your chimney.