Many homeowners don’t usually think about moisture having a negative effect on their foundation, but having added moisture is a prime symptom of having foundation problems. Having moisture problems can lead to problems such as leaks, bowed walls, cracks in walls and floors, and poor drainage around the exterior of your home. Some things to look for when searching for unwanted moisture are moss, mold, and abnormal stains. An excess of water can cause your foundation to crack, sink, and weaken.

Moisture in basement

Prevent Excessive Moisture

Regularly inspecting your home for abnormalities is a good way to get ahead of any issues you may have. If you find leaks or any other sign of moisture, installing drain lines may be one of the best things to have to prevent unwanted dampness. Drains lines help keep water away from your house. Some other upgrades that will help with water leaks are installing diverters along with rain gutters, and removing tree root systems from around your foundation.

Notice Any Problems?

If you notice any water problems it is important that you do not delay any repairs! My Foundation Repairs can help with any foundation problems that you may have! Contact us so we can help determine what is best for you and your home.

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