New Patent for Foundation Repair Industry

Earth Contact Products recently announced their latest patented product for underpinning foundations. The pier includes a pier shaft and a bracket mounted to the top of the pier shaft that supports the weight of the foundation along with a pair of braces that extend laterally from the pier shaft to the foundation.

This structural piering method and product was designed for uplift restraint as well as compressive loads of structures. The unique design was created by in house design professionals at ECP because of the growing need for uplift restraint on structures in both seismic and hurricane areas. Incorporated in the design are applications for ECP’s steel resistance and helical underpinning lineup of piers and bracket assemblies.

Jeff Tully, GM at Earth Contact Products, says “the bracket assembly fills a need in the foundation repair and underpinning industry. As the industries premier manufacturer of bracketing systems for the foundation repair and restoration industry we must always be listening to the industries needs and desires”.

US Patent number 7,195,462, dated March 27th of 2007 is one more reason the Earth Contact Products is known as “The Very Best” steel underpinning manufacturer. The uplift restraint product complements ECP’s lineup of resistance piers, helical anchors and brackets, helical soil nails, plate anchors, slab lifting devices and micropile bracketing systems. With the most complete lineup of brackets and piering systems Earth Contact Products offer specialty contractors and engineers many options for their needs.