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We have local contractors in North Carolina to assist with all your foundation repair and waterproofing needs.

The wet conditions and occasional hurricanes in
North Carolina can create many different problems for your foundation. It is important that you have a contractor that you trust. My Foundation Repairs is here to connect you with one of our local and experienced contractors.

Causes of Foundation Problems in North Carolina

The geography and climate often have a great effect on the health of
your foundation. Causes of foundation failure in North Carolina

Hydrostatic Pressure: When excess groundwater causes an
increase in
hydrostatic pressure, the pressure may put stress on the foundation,
causing it to shift and crack.

Poor Drainage:
Poorly functioning drainage systems may
cause water to
collect around your foundation. This water can weaken the concrete of
the foundation, leading to shifting foundations, foundation cracks,
and various other problems.

Soil Movement:
Soil movement can occur from excess moisture
organic material, poor compaction, overloading, or expansive soils.
This movement can lead to foundation settlement, shifting, sinking, and
crack formation.
Erosion: Heavy rains can also wash away soil under your
home, opening
voids and spaces. Since these voids cannot support the structure, the
foundation will settle or sink into them as a result.

Common Foundation Problems in North Carolina

Cracks in the home and structural instability are often the result of
a settling or sinking foundation. Other issues, such as water problems
or pest infestation, may be caused by shifting foundations and foundation cracks. It is important to have foundation problems
repaired as soon as possible to prevent further structural damage and
various issues throughout the home. Common signs of a foundation
problem in your home include:

  • Slab cracks
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Wall cracks
  • Sticking doors or windows
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Bowed or leaning walls
  • Leaning, tilting chimney

Solutions for Foundation Problems in North Carolina

Shifting foundations can be fixed with wall plate anchors or helical
tiebacks, which are like large screws, and are installed from the
inside of the foundation wall to pull the wall into place. Wall plate
anchors utilize a rod and plate system that can be tightened to
straighten the wall.

For settling and sinking foundations, the most reliable and effective
solution is to install foundation piers such as steel push piers or
helical piers. Steel piers are anchored into load-bearing soils under
the foundation and used to lift and stabilize the foundation while
supporting the weight of the structure. Helical piers work much the
same, except they are screwed into the soil under the foundation. This
method works to keep the foundation steady for years to come, and to
close foundation cracks that formed as a result of the settlement.

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your foundation repair problems.

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