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It is important for residents of the Pearl City, Hawaii area to regularly examine their foundations for symptoms of a foundation problem. There are a lot of causes for foundation problems in Hawaii. If you do find a foundation problem, be sure to contact My Foundation Repairs immediately.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Pearl City, Hawaii

Although the weather is often to blame, there are other factors that can contribute to foundation failure in Pearl City:

  • Erosion: If there is heavy rain following a long dry spell, such as at the beginning of the winter months after the dry summer season, the water may wash away the soil around your foundation. This forms voids and gaps that lead to foundation settlement.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Heavy rains can also cause the soil to absorb more water than normal, resulting in increased hydrostatic pressure in the ground. This pressure pushes on the foundation and causes foundation shifting and cracks.
  • Soil Shrinkage: During the summertime in Pearl City, the dry weather may cause the soil to shrink and shift from lack of moisture. This can lead to voids formation ad foundation settlement and sinking.
  • Shifting Soil: There are many other things that can cause the soil to shift and move, leading to foundation shifting and crack formation. Soil movement can result from erosion, shrinkage, sinkholes, poor compaction, and sandy soils.

Common Foundation Problems in Pearl City, Hawaii

Foundation shifting and movement caused by soil movement and varying water content can lead to bowing and leaning walls, as well as the formation of foundation cracks. These foundation cracks provide an entry point for pests and water into your home. Settling and sinking foundations, often the result of settling soil, and excess water in the ground, can also lead to some major structural issues throughout your entire home.

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Pearl City, Hawaii

Settling foundations need to be supported with foundation piers such as helical piers or steel push piers. These are installed deep underground to support the weight of the structure while lifting the foundation. The main difference between these two types of piers is that helical piers are screwed into the ground, while steel push piers are merely driven into the ground.

To fix shifting and moving foundations, install helical tiebacks. These are large, screw-like devices that are installed horizontally underground to pull the foundation back into place. My Foundation Repairs also provides several waterproofing services to keep your home dry. These services include interior waterproofing, surface drainage, and sump pump installation.

For these and more foundation repair solutions, contact us today. We can connect you to a foundation repair expert in the Pearl City, Hawaii area.

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