Shifting House?

What Factors Cause a Shifting House?

Is your home noticeably shifting? There are several factors that cause shifting. However, the most notable factor is soil. Yes, the soil and ground beneath your home often becomes unstable.In fact, the soil beneath your home is constantly moving which can lead to lots of foundation issues such as a shifting house. There are other factors that can cause a building to shift. For instance, the weather is a deciding factor in how the ground soil influences the structure above it.

During colder months, for example, the ground tends to be more dry. Therefore, the stability of your home will be in trouble. Without properly compacted soil, your foundation may shrink away. Home owners should avoid this at all costs. On the other hand, during warmer months, too much water may surround your foundation. When this happens, the soil becomes oversaturated which can lead to hydrostatic pressure. Unfortunately, the longer the soil stays saturated around your home, the more foundation challenges will arise. Essentially, a shifting house can be preventable when following a few simple steps.

commercial building with some damage

Other Factors

There are other factors that can cause a shifting house. Some of these components include the following: trees and shrubs that are planted too close to your home, aging homes that deteriorate over time, leaky plumbing which leads to soil expansion, and poor drainage around plant and flower beds that offer no protection to your home’s foundation. Additionally, as specified above, inconsistent moisture levels in the soil, along with poor soil compaction will result in the ground shifting over time.

moss on trunk of tree

older tree with roots

Can Shifting Be Prevented?

Well, with the help of expert foundation contractors like My Foundations Repair (MFR), it is possible to prevent these types of foundation issues, particularly in a new construction. For instance, understanding landscaping measures, preparing for water drainage, and planting trees a distance from the foundation, etc..can all help prevent shifting homes from occurring. However, sometimes, due to weather changes, the age of the home, and the soil the home was original built on, prevention may be difficult. In this case, contacting MFR would be your best bet. Our foundation specialists can use our quality ECP products to fix your foundation challenges.