Structural vs Non-Structural Foundation Cracks

Wall Cracks

It’s important to know that not all cracks cause structural damage, some cracks are just a natural sign of aging and are non-structural cracks. If you have foundation cracks, they can get worse over time. They can start off as non-structural, but they will still allow water to enter through the crack. If left alone, the water eventually deteriorates the inside of the concrete causing cracks to widen.

These cracks can easily be fixed by hiring a repair specialist to apply crack injections into the affected concrete. At My Foundation Repairs, we can help locate a qualified repair specialist to evaluate cracks in your home.

Know the Different Types of Cracks

Non-structural Cracks: Non-structural cracks are caused by changes in the moisture content and thermal movement. They can occur anywhere in the foundation wall. Some characteristics of non-structural cracks include:

  • Narrow, 1-2 mm wide cracks
  • Corner cracks near doors or windows
  • Vertical or diagonal cracks
  • Cracks on plaster

Structural Cracks: Structural cracks are due to poor construction sites, poor soil bearing, or overloading. The common characteristics of structural cracks include:

  • Vertical cracks that are wider at the top or bottom
  • Stair-step cracks
  • Cracks in beams or foundation slabs
  • Cracks wider than 1/8″

Structural Foundation Cracks Solutions

Ceiling Cracks

To repair non-structural cracks, a foundation repair specialist can use a crack injection method. It is injected into the crack to permanently seal it and prevent further leaks.

Structural cracks can be repaired by installing carbon fiber strips to damaged walls. Resistance and helical piers can also be used to level sinking and settling foundations. Foundation repair products, made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), are used to ensure top quality results.

Contact My Foundation Repairs today! We have a network of knowledgeable foundation repair experts that can help you identify the cause of your cracks. They’ll use the most effective repair solution to get your home back to normal again.

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