Sump Pump Freezing

protect your sump pump from freezingWith the winter weather that most of the country is now experiencing, many homeowners are finding out the hard way that their sump pump discharge lines can freeze, especially in the northern regions. With snow and ice building up outside of their homes, sump pumps cannot run effectively unless they are designed correctly. When sump pump systems freeze, your basement, home, and everything in it can be in jeopardy.

Frozen Discharge Lines Can Cause Problems

Sump pump discharge lines can become covered with snow and ice in the winter, causing frozen pipes and backed-up sump pump systems.  Frozen sump pump discharge lines can spell disaster for your basement and the belongings that you store.

Professional waterproofing experts prevent sump pump freezing with the ECP Sump Pump Freeze Guard. The freeze guard system allows water to escape from your sump pump discharge line if the underground discharge pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason. No matter if the pipe outlet is buried under a foot of ice and snow, the water can escape, allowing your sump pump to keep your basement safe from flooding. When the discharge pipe thaws, the water will automatically run through the buried discharge line. The system is simple and very effective in protecting your basement from frozen sump pump systems.

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