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Critters and Concrete: Animal Infestation

Critters and Concrete: Animal Infestation

23 Apr 8:23 am by My Foundation Repairs

Finally! Across the US we are starting to see some tempuratures more indicative of Spring. It's been a long time coming in many parts of the country. All it takes is a few days of warmer weather and the critters start to come out of the woodwork. While it is great to see the birds singing and the wildlife coming out as a sign of spring, ground squirrels and other animals could be digging in your yard and under your sidewalks, patio, stairs, steps, or driveway. This can create voids and cause the slab to settle and crack. Examples of animals that burrow include rabbits, ants, otters, chipmunks (ground squirrels), foxes, moles, and shrews. READ MORE

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