The Chicken or The Egg – or The Farmer?

When it comes to the age old question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”, many have forgotten about the farmer. Without the farmers experience, technical skills, and general knowledge we would not know what to do with chickens or eggs.

This same general principal applies to problems with your foundation. The waterproofers will tell you that they can solve your problems and the foundation repair experts will tell you they can solve your problems, but without a foundation engineer you will not know the correct direction to go. In hiring a professional engineer you are purchasing knowledge, experience, and unbiased professionalism to guide you through your project with only your home’s best interest at heart.

Foundation settlement can be a difficult thing to assess or even notice right away. More likely you will notice doors and windows sticking, cracks in brick veneer, drywall cracks, or water in your basement. Without proper measuring and assessment to determine the cause, just raising your home may or may not solve the problem.

Similarly, stopping or redirecting water around your foundation may or may not stop foundation movement or potential failures. Is the water the cause or the symptom? A professional engineer will identify the causes of foundation problems and then layout a plan to solve your individual issues whether they are water problems or if you need foundation repairs.

Remember, the chickens and the eggs cannot do anything without the farmers. To find a foundation engineer in your area visit

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