Time to Take Notice: Why a Leaning Chimney is a Sign of Foundation Failure

It’s Time to Step Outside and Check Your Chimney.

Chances are you have used your chimney over the recent colder months of the year. Now that spring is right around the corner, It is time to get out and take a closer inspection of your chimney. It is important to know that a leaning chimney is a common foundation problem and is a sign of foundation failure. Moreover, leaning chimneys are a danger to you, your family, and your neighbors. In the event that you notice problems with your chimney, you should contact a professional to have it looked into. The experts at My Foundation Repairs can help.

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What You Need to Know About the Causes of a Leaning Chimney

If you have noticed that your chimney has begun to lean, tilt, or separate from your home, you may want to understand the causes. As it happens, there are several reasons for this type of problem. Most problems stem from the ground around your chimney often coupled with issues with the footing at the base of your chimney. The footing is a small slab that holds the entire weight of the structure. For example:

  • The footing was constructed too small for the chimney.
  • The soil surrounding your chimney is poor in quality.
  • Your chimney footing is falling apart.
  • The footing is too shallow.

The Foundation Repair Professionals at My Foundation Repair Have Solutions for You

In order to reinforce the structure of your chimney, you will need added support to stabilize and straighten it. This can be achieved by the use of helical piers. Helical Piers look and act much like a giant screw. My Foundation Repairs and its partnered foundation repair companies use helical piers manufactured by Earth Contact Products. ECP is one of the leaders in the industry for foundation repair products.

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If You Have a Leaning Chimney, Don’t Wait

If you have noticed your chimney leaning, tilting, separating, or cracking, do not wait. It is important to remember a leaning chimney is a sign of foundation failure. Contact us at My Foundation Repairs for a free inspection and estimate, so we can get your chimney strong and straight for you again. Call us at 888-611-1527 or send us a message.