Understanding Block Foundation Cracks

Why Block Foundations Crack

Very cracked and bowed inwards brick wall

Block foundations can experience cracking due to conditions around that foundation.

Some block foundation cracks can be very serious and may require a costly fix if not taken care of right away.

It is wise to inspect your foundation frequently and be on the lookout for cracks in your block foundation.

Consult a foundation specialist or engineer to make sure that your block foundation is fixed properly.

Use our foundation engineer network to find a foundation repair expert in your area to make sure these block foundation cracks are fixed right the first time.

Block Foundation Crack Types

  • Horizontal Cracks: Horizontal cracks in your foundation mean that there is pressure being put on the walls from the outside of the foundation. Pressure can come from water around your foundation. This hydrostatic pressure is a serious sign that your block foundation walls are under strain.
  • Vertical Cracks: Vertical block foundation cracks are a sure sign of foundation settlement or heaving. These cracks form slowly but will widen over time due to pressure. If left untreated, they could allow water to enter the building.
  • Stair Step Cracks: Sometimes, when settlement or sinking occurs with your foundation, it doesn’t occur evenly. This causes stair step cracks in your block foundation.

Solutions for Block Foundation Repair

Each foundation is different so each solution will be different as well. Depending on the weight of the structure, many different types of underpinning products could be installed.

Get in touch with the right foundation repair team through My Foundation Repairs, and get started on the road to a healthy foundation today.

Remember that knowing what you are up against is half the battle. The other half is knowing who to turn to resolve the problem and if you call us, you won’t have anything to worry about. Get started today!