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I assess damaged houses for a living, and I have concluded that if all homeowners were…
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Wet Basements & Spring Rains
With spring right around the corner, we all should start thinking about the potential for wet basements…
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Bowing Basement Walls
When it comes to bowing or buckling basement walls many homeowners think that replacement…
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Walls wet? No Sweat
One of the things we are occasionally tasked to assess is a basement that sweats. This is…
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Ugly Basement Walls
Let’s agree on this. There are no perfect houses. Even a new house has flaws if you look…
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Wet Basement Remodeling
So you have decided to add additional living space to your current home by finishing…
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Engineering Professor Offers Tips
Many homeowners in Northeastern Kansas have reported that their house foundations are…
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Are you Having Foundation Problems?
Foundation settling or shifting can be caused by many variables. Before any repairs can be…
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Epoxy or Polyurethane Foam?
Debates often will arise over the use of either epoxy or polyurethane foam…
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Waterproofing Definitions
Definitions for common waterproofing terms used throughout the website…
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