Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry

Maintaining can often feel like a tedious task. Whether it be big or small there is always something that needs to be fixed. A common issue many homeowners run into is a leaking or flooding basement. Something that homeowners that may not know is that leaking or flooding may be because of a faulty foundation. In this article, We’ll show you some tips to keep your basement dry.

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Tips to End Leaking or Flooding

Check Gutters and Downspouts

Believe it or not the conditions of homeowners gutters and downspouts can have a huge impact on flooding in a basement. During a heavy rainfall, having that extra water next to your house can mean more water getting into your basement. So regularly cleaning your gutters and making sure they are working correctly could save you a flooded basement.

Move Water From Your Driveway Away From Your Home

This may not exactly concern some homeowners, but if your driveway slope towards your home listen up. If this situation applies make sure you add extra drainage and make sure you divert the excess away from your around your home and garage. This will help you keep your home dry.

Insulate Water Pipes

Keeping your pipes insulated will help prevent any burst piping in your home. This is more common in the winter due to the cold weather and the water pipes freezing. This may sound like a difficult task but it is easier than you might think! Using pipe wrap or foam sleeves are common ways to insulate water pipes.

Get a Dehumidifier

If you get condensation in your basement a dehumidifier will be a good way to fix that problem. If you have an excess of condensation in your basement, your home will be susceptible to mold and a smelly basement. Making sure getting the right size of dehumidifier will be key when trying to fix condensation.

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