What Do Structural Cracks Mean?

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Types of Cracks

Several types of structural cracks can be found in the home. But, what do all of these cracks mean? For instance, which structural cracks are serious, and which types of cracks should we be less concerned about? My Foundation Repairs can help home owners, and landlords alike find the answers to these (at times) complicated questions. To start, there are four types of cracks found in a home: ceiling crack, wall crack, basement crack, and foundation crack. Which type of crack are you concerned about? Let’s explore the specific types of cracks to understand the challenges you may be facing when it comes to your foundation.

Ceiling Cracks

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Ceiling cracks are pretty common, and may be due to unsettled moisture damage, and overall deterioration over time. However, sometimes even ceiling cracks can be due to foundation problems. More than likely, you need a professional to assess the ceilings cracks in your home. Please take a look at our video on ceiling cracks and let us find a solution for you!

Wall Cracks

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Wall cracks are a sign of a moving foundation. Additionally, the main causes of wall cracks are foundation settlement, bowing and leaning walls, and heaving or shifting movement. These causes can lead to more serious issues, so it is important that you reach out to a foundation specialist sooner than later.

Basement Cracks

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If you find a basement crack in your home, do not assume it is just ‘a crack.’ In fact, it could be a symptom of structural damage such as the movement of soil underneath your home. Essentially, repairing basements cracks will keep your home dry and ultimately stronger. Most importantly, once water leakage occurs and bowing walls appear, this typically means more serious damage has already transpired.

Foundation Cracks

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Foundation walls are under extreme pressure at all times; also, the age of a wall plays a huge factor in the amount of damage that has occurred. Foundation cracks are probably the most complex cracks to analyze which is why My Foundations Repair can help resolve these concerns. For instance, there are three types of foundation cracks: angled, stair-step, and horizontal. Check out our page to find more info on all of your foundation crack issues.

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Please contact us for all of your foundation crack issues. Whether it be a basement crack or a wall crack, we are here to serve your foundation needs! Call us at 888-611-1527.

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