What to Do for a Chipping Foundation

Foundations can deteriorate and chip, or flake off. This kind of deterioration of concrete is known as spalling. A chipping foundation also can signify other moisture-related issues in your foundation, so it’s important to have this problem inspected as soon as possible.

what to do for a chipping foundation

What Causes a Foundation to Chip or Crumble?

Aside from poor finishing techniques and improper curing, this can be caused by frequent freezing and thawing, high pressure washing, sandblasting, and the use of de-icing salts. Water plays the largest and most dangerous role in chipping foundations. 

How to Repair a Chipping Foundation

In order to effectively repair and prevent further foundation damage, contact a professional foundation repair contractor to inspect your foundation. Depending on the outcome of the inspection, there are a few different solutions to repair this foundation problem.

Install a Vapor Barrier

This option will keep moisture from permeating the walls of your foundation. By installing a vapor barrier you can prevent mold and mildew, while also preventing water vapor from moving through foundation walls, which is one of the reasons your foundation is chipping. 

Install Better Drainage Systems

Depending on the existing drainage system in your home, your contractor may recommend another drainage system to work in tangent with your existing waterproofing system. Since your foundation is chipping, it is clear that the current drainage system isn’t keeping up with the amount of moisture your area receives. Suggestions may come in the form of interior or exterior drainage systems, and even surface drains. 

Epoxy or Polyurethane Injections

It may be recommended to you that a polyurethane foam or epoxy resin be used to strengthen the affected areas. Epoxy resin and polyurethane foam fill and expand to fit cracks to prevent further water intrusion, which will also prevent further chipping from occurring.

If you notice your foundation chipping or crumbling, contact us as soon as possible. There may be other foundation problems lurking, and it’s important that these things are inspected by a professional. Your contractor can inspect your foundation for cracks, leaks, settlement, and more and find a permanent solution for you.

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