Why My Foundation Repairs Contractors Provide Superior Foundation Repair

We have high standards and when it comes to your foundation, we should.

superior foundation repairMany companies claim they offer superior services. Some do believe that superior service is what they offer their clients, but few actually deliver that level of product and service. My Foundation Repairs has a network of contractors that do provide superior foundation repair and we want to share with you the reasons that they can provide this level of foundation repair service.

Patented products backed by a strong warranty:

Our contractors all use ECP Earth Contact Products. ECP’s engineering department holds numerous patents and trademarks for many of their products. They also offer warranties that include no fine print. They stand behind their products and hold their products to the highest standards in the industry. Many of the foundation repair products are hot-dipped, galvanized steel. They are cost-effective but long-lasting as well.

Ongoing training on new products and products:

Our contractors receive training for all of the ECP products. As new products become available, training is offered as well. Recently ECP launched a new product called Polypier. It is a polyurethane concrete repair method used to lift and level sunken concrete. ECP recently offered on the job training for our network of contractors. See the video below:

Customers love our contractors:

When you call us for help in getting you in touch with a local foundation repair or waterproofing contractor, we will find you a local contractor that meets your needs. We recommend you do a search for that contractor on Google and read the reviews. You will find that customers leave high marks for our network of contractors!

ECP is committed to the environment:

Our network uses products from a company that is committed to their community and to the environment.

Great products, highly trained contractors, continued education, happy customers with problems that have been resolved: These are all things indicative of superior foundation repair contractors. Contact us today to connect with a superior foundation repair contractor in your area.

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