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The extreme temperatures and excessive snowfall in Wisconsin can cause serious problems for the foundations of homeowners in Wisconsin. Make sure your home or business is strong, stable, and dry with contractors from My Foundation Repairs.

Causes of Foundation Problems in Wisconsin

Extreme temperatures and severe weather can cause damage to your foundations. Some of the most common causes of foundation problems in Wisconsin are:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: When the ground absorbs more water than usual, it will cause the hydrostatic pressure in the soil to increase. If this pressure is too much for the foundation, it will cause it to shift and crack.
  • Erosion: Excess groundwater can also lead to erosion, which washes away soil beneath the foundation to form voids and spaces. The foundation may then settle and sink into these voids since the soil no longer provides adequate support.
  • Soil Shrinkage: Dry, drought-like conditions can lead to soil shrinkage. If this occurs, the soil will fall away, causing void formation and foundation settlement.
  • Heaving and Settling: During the freeze and thaw seasons of winter or spring, the soil beneath your home may expand and contract, causing the foundation above to heave, settle, and even crack.

Common Foundation Problems in Wisconsin

Many times, foundation problems lead to other serious issues in various areas of the home. If you see foundation sinking, settlement, shifting, or cracking inyour home, it is important to contact a foundation repair expert right away. If left alone, foundation problems could cause structural damage, water problems, and even pest infestation. There are several common structural problems to look for that indicate a foundation problem, including:

Solutions for Foundation Problems in Wisconsin

To lift and stabilize settling foundations, steel push piers or helical piers may be installed. Helical piers provide the same support and lift as steel push piers, but instead of being driven into the ground, they are screwed in.

Helical tiebacks, which are much like large screws, are installed from the interior of a bowing or leaning foundation wall to straighten the wall and pull the shifting foundation into position. Wall plate anchors, which utilize an anchor in the ground and a rod and plate to connect the anchor to the wall can also be used.

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