4 Things You Should Know About Foundation Repair Financing

A Clearer Picture About Foundation Repair and Your Budget

There is no escaping it, foundation repairs become necessary frequently for both homeowners and business owners. It is a part of ownership that problems arise and it is hard to plan for it most of the time. When it becomes apparent that you have foundation issues, your thoughts will instantly turn to “How much is this going to cost me?” or “I do not have this in my budget!” and you would not be alone. Here are four things to keep in mind when contemplating foundation repair financing and repairs.

4 things you should know about foundation repair financing

Foundation Repair Costs are Diverse

One thing that is for certain about foundation repairs is that there are many factors that play into the cost. For example, foundation settlement is caused by a variety of different reasons and can result in a variety of different symptoms such as cracked walls or floors, or bowing and leaning walls. Depending on what has caused your settlement, and the symptoms that you are experiencing, your cost will vary. The key is to get educated about the causes and symptoms of foundation failure. Also, all questions are good questions to ask your foundation repair specialist.

There are Many Reasons You May Need Foundation Repairs

Three of the top reasons that cause foundation settlement are:

  • Water content in the soil: When the ground lacks water, then it shrinks down and causes shifting in your foundation. Too much water results in pressure on your foundation walls leading to bowing and leaning.
  • Soil quality is poor: Expansive clay, poorly compacted soil, poorly maintained soil can all cause foundation settlement to occur.
  • Quick changes to soil: Quick freezing and thawing can lead to the heaving of the concrete above it.

These issues among others can dictate how much the cost of repairs will be. A My Foundation Repairs contractor can inspect your foundation and take these factors into account when providing you with an estimate.

Know When To Call a Foundation Expert

When you look at your foundation and have concerns, that is the time to call a foundation expert. Do not ignore your intuition when it comes to your home or business foundation. If you hear alarm bells going off, do not hesitate. Even if you are not sure, many foundation repair contractors provide free estimates and will inspect your home or business in order to take the guesswork out of the situation. The professional contractors that are part of the My Foundation Repairs network all care about your unique situation. and will tailor a repair plan to your needs.

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Financing Options are Available

Contractors with the My Foundation Repairs network all understand how important it is to keep your home or business safe. In addition, they know that foundation repairs are not generally planned and that you have a budget to work within. Once being matched with a contractor in your area, and have an inspection, you will receive a repair plan. Most contractors have foundation repair financing options available and will work with you to understand your options. Money should not keep you from repairing your home or business’s foundation so that you can be safe and secure.

If you have concerns about your foundation, contact the professionals at My Foundation Repairs. Our foundation repair companies have a long history of dedication, professionalism, and top-notch service. They use the latest products in the underpinning industry by Earth Contact Products. It would be our privilege to work on your home or business!