Cracked Brick in Your Home


We recommend inspecting your brick home or business frequently. If you notice changes in the quality of the mortar or bricks it would be wise to contact a foundation repair expert. My Foundation Repairs can assist you in finding a foundation repair specialist in your area.

Having a professional inspect your home or business structure will lead to an accurate diagnosis. If it is found that your brick and masonry problems are due to foundation settlement and sinking it might be recommended that an underpinning solution is installed for your foundation.

Underpinning Can Help With Brick Or Masonry Problems


Steel piers or push piers can be installed beneath your foundation in both residential and commercial situations to add support and strength to prevent further foundation problems to occur. You will have peace of mind and your home or business’ value will be restored. If cracks have occurred, they can be filled with either a cement grout or epoxy resin based on the site and location of the crack.

Please don’t wait if you notice problems. They can be an indicator of a much bigger problem. Some masonry or brick issues are cosmetic, but it is wise not to take chances. Our foundation repair experts can do an inspection and will let you know exactly what your brick and masonry problems might mean. Foundation repairs from our contractors are completed with best in the industry products from ECP (Earth Contract Products) so you can rest assured you will have a stable foundation for years and years to come. Call us to get your inspection today!