Bugs In The Basement: Why are there so many?

If you have someone living in your basement, bugs can be a real annoyance. Even if you don’t have someone dwelling in your lower level, are you wondering how you can keep out unwanted “guests”? Here’s why you may have so many bugs in your cellar.

There are a few things that bugs really love, a dark, cool, and moist environment. Most basements do not have natural light making them darker than the rest of your home. Besides that, your lower level is generally a little cooler than the rest of the home due to its underground status. There’s not a lot you can do to lighten up or change the temperature in your basement. However, you most likely can control the level of moisture in your basement.

Moisture in the basement can come from a lot of different sources including leaking pipes, flooding, sump pump failure, excess humidity, and even water seeping in through the floor or walls.

bugs, moisture, mold and mildew on a basement wall

How Do I Get Rid of Bugs In My Basement?

To reduce the number of bugs in the basement, reduce or eliminate moisture and/or water in your lower level. When there is too much moisture in the air, it can often lead to condensation on pipes, wood, and even insulation. Bugs loves this moisture! Installing a dehumidifier can reduce the moisture in the basement air and should reduce your bug problem.

Consult with the Foundation Specialists of My Foundation Repairs

Wet and Damp basement concrete

If water is seeping into your basement from another source such as the ground surrounding or beneath your home, you will need a more sophisticated solution. It’s best to consult with a foundation specialist to ensure you end up with the best solution for your home.

A foundation repair company can work to either route water away from your home by installing exterior drainage solutions, or they may even recommend interior drain tiles. This is important not only to reduce bugs, but also to protect your home’s foundation. As water beneath and around your home freezes and thaws, an abundance of water in the earth can cause the ground to expand and contract. This movement can cause cracks in your cement floor or in the walls of your basement.

If you notice condensation in your basement along with lots of bugs, My Foundation Repairs can connect you with an expert to diagnose the source of the water and determine the best solution.