Waterproofing and Foundation Support for New Construction

My Foundation Repairs is the leading provider of waterproofing and foundation support services for new construction. Our experienced staff of foundation experts specialize in keeping water away from your foundation to ensure its long-term stability.

We use the most advanced methods available to protect your new property, subcontracting with the best local specialists for proven techniques like waterproof membrane installation, interior drainage systems, and exterior foundation sealing.

Our services come with a lifetime guarantee so that you can rest assured, knowing that your investment is supported by the best waterproofing and foundation support in the business. My Foundation Repairs is dedicated to providing exemplary service so that every new-built structure can stand tall for years to come.

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New Construction Support Services for All Kinds of Foundations

Whether you have a crawl space, basement, or slab on grade, water problems are the top items that threaten your home’s structure. Excessive moisture under or beside your foundation can cause flooding and mold growth. A wet crawl space can now become additional storage without mold and mildew. Leaking wet basements and crawl spaces create poor indoor air quality and bad smells throughout your home.

If your home is in the need of waterproofing or water management, the first step is to contact us. Our network of basement experts will come to your home and inspect your basement or crawl space to determine the cause of your problem. They will answer your questions and teach you about the solutions that will best fix your water problem. Your waterproofing contractor will give you a written proposal that details what can be done and the cost of the work. After you approve the proposal, he will make the needed repairs quickly and permanently. We always recommend that you contact an engineer before having major waterproofing or foundation repair work done on your home.

When Does New Construction Need Additional Foundation Support?

New construction typically requires additional foundation support in certain cases, such as when the soil is weak or otherwise unable to bear the load of a building. In general, this requirement applies to any cases where the structure being built would place an unexpectedly large load on local soils and could potentially cause structural failure. Furthermore, instances where a home has been moved from one location to another often necessitates additional support due to the fact that soils at the original site are not necessarily conducive to supporting a structure at its new location.

If you've just begun construction on a new home and have realized that there may be a need for additional foundation support, don't worry - the fix is relatively straightforward. You'll need to enlist the help of a licensed contractor who specializes in foundation repair and can use equipment, such as helical piers, steel beam posts, and wall anchors to strengthen weak or failing foundations. These repairs will ensure the structural integrity of your project for many years to come; however, it's important to make sure that the contractor you hire has experience with these types of projects. With the right company on board, your new structure will be stabilized quickly and safely.

Local Basement Waterproofing Services

We only use the best waterproofing contractors for leaking basements. Our national network is known for being made up of the highest quality local contractors in the industry. Besides being the finest basement waterproofing contractors, many are experts in foundation repairs, air quality, and general home health care. Our extensive network of contractors ensures you quality, service, a great warranty, and the peace of mind in hiring the best.

Let My Foundation Repairs put you in touch with a local contractor using Earth Contact Products equipment and tools.

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