We were able to find a local contractor with a lot of knowledge and get a free estimate on our foundation repairs. We placed a call to My Foundation Repairs and they got us in touch with someone local. We were also able to get help with financing. It was a great experience.

- Tom J.

Great and knowledgeable people to work with.

- Blake W.

Website has lots of good advice, and they have contractors all over the country. Great place to call if you need help just about anywhere in the USA.

- Cindy Whiteman

I HAD an extremely LARGE concrete sinking problem with my driveway... (up to three FT deep voids below the concrete) in numerous places due to water damage. I was faced with full replacement or mud-jacking (which I knew would only be a temporary solution due to the severity of the issue).

I was approached by My Foundation Repairs with an alternative solution.... a Polyurethane foam product rather than mud-jacking that does not erode and could be forced (under pressure) into the voids to return the concrete to its original level. The crew arrived at my Home and completed the job in one day and the results were incredible. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a similar problem... you will not believe the results!! I am also happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my experience truly amazing!!

- Dallas Auch