The Cost of Foundation Repairs

The cost of foundation repairs is incredibly diverse, because there are so many factors that play into those costs. One thing is for certain, foundation problems such as foundation settlement will become large structural problems if not repaired. The key to foundation costs is being well educated in the signs of foundation problems and the repairs that will occur for the type of foundation problem you are having.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

  • Poor Soil Quality - expansive clay, poorly compacted soil, poorly maintained soil can all cause foundation settlement to occur.
  • Rapidly Changing Soil - Rapid freezing and thawing can cause major problems such as heaving of concrete above it.
  • Water Content in the Soil - Too much water will cause a build up of pressure around foundation walls and cause bowing and leaning of foundation walls. Not enough water can cause shrinkage of soils and a loss of support for foundation walls which can cause shifting and movement of the foundation.

The problems above will cause cracks to occur in walls, ceilings, floors, tiles, slabs, porches, stairs, garage columns, and the foundation itself. You might also notice doors and windows that are sticking, leaks in your basement, or a wet crawlspace. All of these problems are indicators that you might need help from a foundation specialist.

Types of Foundation Repairs

So what can you expect when you call a foundation expert? So foundation repair companies offer free estimates and inspections. Sometimes a structural report might be needed, and your foundation repair company will recommend if you require this type of report. A structural engineer will perform the inspection and there may be a cost associated with this report.

Your foundation repair team will come up with a foundation repair solution tailored to your needs. Sometimes the repairs are low-cost repairs including crack injection. Other repairs are more expensive, but they are so much less expensive than foundation failure. It may be recommended that you need a piering or underpinning solution. Piering and underpinning solutions include methods in which settling and sinking foundations are supported by piering supports that install under or around the foundation. Another method is sometimes called slabjacking or polyjacking. This process is when cement grout or resins are pumped into voids or beneath the concrete to lift and level it.

Piering is in most cases, the most expensive foundation repair solution. It is, however, also very long-lasting and will add value to any structure where they are installed. They can be installed in both residential and commercial structures. Piering may require excavation or hydraulic equipment for installation. The good news about piering is that it is considered a permanent solution and will prevent further, more expensive foundation problems from occurring. Slabjacking or polyjacking are both considered very effective foundation stabilizing and leveling methods that are also long-lasting, but in some cases need to be repeated if continued shifting or moving of the ground occurs. The reason piering is more permanent is that piers are driven deep into load-bearing soils for added support.

Average Repair Costs For Your Foundation

So what can you expect your costs to be? A lot of that depends on you as a home or business owner. If you notice the signs of foundation problems, you can make a big difference in the cost of those repairs. It may be mean the difference between hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars. Foundation repairs help you protect the investment you have in your home or business. It is a great investment in the health and stability of the structure you own. My Foundation Repairs can help. We can help you find a licensed foundation repair contractor in your area that can provide you with an inspection and estimate to take the questions out of your foundation repair costs. So educate yourself on the types of common foundation problems that occur across our country using our website, and then use our foundation repair dealer locator to find the foundation repair expert that can help you locally.

Foundation Repair Financing

Since many different regions in the country have expansive clay soils, some homes will encounter foundation settlement. Settlement is caused by contracting or expanding soil beneath the foundation due to poor drainage, seasonal weather, tree roots and plumbing leaks. If you notice changes in your home’s structure such as slab cracks, sticking doors, wall cracks and ceiling cracks, contact My Foundation Repairs immediately before the settlement gets worse. Waiting to make repairs can be costly in the long run. Your home is the most valuable investment that you can own.

Financing Options Available for Foundation Repairs

My Foundation Repair works with a network of foundation repair specialists that understand that you are trying to protect the investment you have in your home or business, but that you are also on a budget as well. Our foundation repair companies have a long history of dedication, professionalism and top-notch service. They use the latest products in the underpinning industry by Earth Contact Products. Our network of foundation repair experts can possibly help with any commercial or residential project. When you contact them you will be able to get a free inspection and an estimate. There are also financing options to help alleviate financial obstacles that can arise. Financing options are an attractive feature for most of our customers because it eliminates out of pocket expenses, and applying for credit is convenient.

Money shouldn’t prevent you from getting the foundation repair service that your home desires. Contact My Foundation Repairs or use the foundation repair dealer locator to find a foundation repair expert in your area and ask them about financing. We understand that foundation repairs can be a huge concern for you as far as you budget is concerned, but we hope that our dealers can help take the worry out of foundation repairs by answering your questions, providing an estimate, and working with you in regards to financing as well. Call today so we can help you with foundation problems in your home or building!