Water Damage 

Do you suspect something is not right with your basement or crawl space, but you aren't sure? You have come to the right place. Here are signs that your foundation may be suspect to water damage.

Wet and Damp basement concrete
Massive gap in closed door letting in lots of sunlight

Running your HVAC longer - Gaps

Gaps in your exterior doors or windows will cause your HVAC to run more. These gaps are caused by foundation shift or settling, which is often caused by water or moisture in or around your foundation or crawlspace. The water will affect the soil, affecting the foundation, affecting the frame of your house - leading to gaps around your doors and windows.

Fungus - Moisture and Must

This is something that can be visually noticed, or maybe you smell it in your basement. How you would see issues with moisture would include the growth of bacteria or fungi. If your foundation is constantly damp there is a high likelihood that water is seeping through. You want to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

Nasty mold covering the corner of a basement
bugs, moisture, mold and mildew on a basement wall

Wall Discoloration - Mold and Mildew

If your notice green, white, or possibly grey substances on your walls or floors, mold is in your basement. This can be a major health risk when it comes to ease of breathing in your own home. Also, mold on your beams and wood posts can cause rot and structural damage to your home.

Foundation Cracks - Stress

Water that seeps into your porous foundation (all cement is porous to some degree) can freeze in cold temperatures. Ice will cause stress and pressure on foundation walls causing them to crack. Cracks that are left untreated can lead to any of the other above issues with stress on the housing structure, mold or flooding, and moisture.

straight and horizontal wall crack in basement foundation

If you notice any signs of water or moisture in your foundation or crawl space call and foundation expert for a free estimate. Let us put you in touch with a foundation expert in your area today.