Concrete Problems

Do you need a professional to correct your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or pool deck? How do you know? The My Foundation Repair experts can help you figure out if you need a repair, and which solution is best.

uneven sidewalk

Signs of Potential Problems:

  1. Flooding During Rain - Precipitation can get under the concrete slabs and the ground will become too soft to support the slab and lead to destruction and erosion.
  2. Moisture Detrition - Cement and concrete are porous and moisture can become trapped in any small areas in the surface of the slab. This moisture can freeze and damage the concrete causing flaking and crumbling.
  3. Street Creep - You may have never considered how your residential concrete interacts with that of your city or town. In the winter concrete will shrink and any cracks or spaces will increase in size, and when this happens debris will fall into those voids. Then when the weather warms in the spring and summer, the debris will cause the concrete slabs to compress against one another. This compression will force your driveway, or other concrete slab, to stress, crack, become unlevel and/or crumble.
  4. Compacted Soil - Continual weight on concrete, whether from pedestrian traffic, vehicles or construction, can compromise the soil that is responsibile for stabilizing your concrete. These are the most common issues related to unleveling concrete.
  5. Dry Soil - Draught or sustained heat will shrink the ground responsible for stabilizing your concrete. This will cause any spaces between the concrete and the soil to increase in size and your concrete will fall into the space, by either unleveling or cracking and crumbling.

uneven driveway with crack

If you concrete is showing any of the above signs, not correctly or effectively fixing the problem promptly can lead to much bigger concrete, foundation and landscaping problems in the future.

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