5 Reasons To Fix Your Foundation Now

There are some things in life you should wait for, foundation repair is not one of those. The best time to repair your foundation is now

Common signs your foundation needs help include leaning or bowing walls, water issues, doors or windows that stick or won’t close, sagging floors, or cracks in your ceiling or walls.

Here are five reasons you should repair your foundation immediately

1 – Waiting Will Lead to Bigger Problems

Building rubble
If ignored, foundation problems could cause wall collapses or make your home unsafe to live in.

Foundation problems don’t just “go away.” Pretending they don’t exist or delaying repairs only gives the situation more time to deteriorate. 

If ignored, a leaning wall could become a collapsed wall. Your foundation is the base upon which your home sits. If foundation issues are ignored, they can be catastrophic. Too much damage and your house may be unfit for occupation or altogether condemned. 

2 – Your Chance of Water Issues Increases

Water is a foundation’s biggest nemesis. Water causes the soil beneath a home to move, resulting in settling, cracks, bowed walls, and other foundation issues.

White brick wall with green mold on the left side.
Water in the basement can lead to mold problems.

Water in the soil outside the home puts pressure on the foundation, and that same water seeks ways to enter a basement through cracks and crevices.

Once inside, water can damage your personal possessions, leave stains and odors and cause mold growth. 

Not fixing your foundation allows water an easy entrance into your home.

3 – The Longer You Wait, The More Expensive The Project Becomes

What may have once been a simple fix, if caught early, can escalate to a major problem. Catching and fixing a small wall crack, for example, will be easier than dealing with a collapsed wall.

Pile of one dollar American bills.
If ignored, minor foundation issues can become major financial headaches.

As the project scope increases, so will your costs. More excavation and equipment – not to mention longer labor hours – are needed for big foundation repairs.

In addition to the foundation repairs,  you’ll also have the cost of interior home repairs. Stained and damaged walls and drywall will need to be fixed as will any cracked ceilings or doors and windows out of alignment.

4 – Waiting Affects Your Home’s Resell Value

If you don’t want to deal with your home’s foundation issues, what makes you think the next buyers will?  Leaving the issues unresolved can negatively impact your home’s resell value.

House for sale sign in front of blurred background image of a home.
Not dealing with foundation problems may make it difficult to resell your home.

Knowing there are issues with the home may scare buyers off entirely. Your home could sit on the market for weeks or months with no offers.

Even if you do find a buyer, the home inspection process could reveal problems bigger than they’re willing to tackle. 

Fixing your foundation problems early shows your home has been maintained and helps you earn the best resale value.

5 – The Sooner Your Foundation is Fixed, the Sooner You Have Peace of Mind

Young girl sitting on gray couch reading a book.
Knowing your house foundation is solid gives peace of mind for you and your family.

The peace of mind you get from knowing your foundation is solid is priceless. 

With the foundation repaired, you won’t have to listen to rainstorms and worry if your basement’s flooding. 

The leaning wall will be straight once more, allowing you to enjoy your home.

Your house is your oasis. Fixing foundation problems puts you back on solid ground and eliminates worry.

My Foundation Repair Can Fix Your Foundation 

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