5 Ways to Check Your Foundation

Over time, your home’s foundation may shift or settle. A bit of change is absolutely normal, but major shifts may indicate a foundation problem. Walking around your home and visually inspecting your foundation is the best way to check for problems.

Here are five easy ways to check your foundation:

Examine Foundation Walls

Cracks can be the biggest indicator of foundation problems. Walk around both the exterior and interior of your foundation to look for cracks.

Cracks may form in vertical, horizontal or stair step patterns. (Decoding Your Concrete Block Cracks)

Check the Ground Around Your Home

In order for rainwater and snowmelt to drain away from your home and not into your basement, soil should be sloped away from your foundation.

If the grade is too flat or if it runs towards your home, water could be damaging your home.

Likewise, incorrectly placed rain gutters can funnel water toward your house. (Rain Gutters: Foundation Help or Hurt?)

See if Your Chimney’s Tilting

When trying to determine if your foundation has problems, it seems counterproductive to look upwards, but a tilting chimney can be a sign of major foundation issues. (Why is My Chimney Leaning?)

Double Check Where Trees are Planted

Trees, shrubs and other plants can bring beauty to your yard, but their extensive root systems may be wreaking havoc on your foundation.

Roots may occupy an area four to seven times the surface area occupied by the crown of a tree. (Getting to the Root of Foundation Issues)

Test Doors and Windows

Do you have a door that never stays closed? Is there a window that’s impossible to open? Movement in your foundation can affect the alignment of doors and windows.

If you suspect your home has foundation issues, contact the experts at My Foundation Repairs. Our experienced contractors have the professional expertise to perform an honest, reliable foundation inspection and offer solutions for all your foundation needs.

Don’t let a sinking foundation unsettle you, contact My Foundation Repairs today!

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