Common Problem: Leaning Beams and Posts

A Closer Look at the Causes and Solutions

If you have discovered leaning beams or posts in your crawlspace or basement, we understand that can be frightening. It is difficult to know how serious the issue is, and what needs to be done to fix it. At My Foundation Repairs, we have a network of professional contractors that can help diagnose the root cause of your beam or post problem. After a contractor inspects your home, we will come up with a specific plan to repair your issue. We are here to answer all the pressing questions you have about your leaning beams and posts.

leaning beams and posts

What Causes Leaning Beams and Posts?

The first step in solving your problem is to determine the reason that your beam or post is leaning. There are two major causes that are seen most frequently, and depending on the reason, your solution may be different.

Foundation settlement: As foundation settlement occurs, the floor of your basement will start to sink. This causes more weight to shift onto the beams or posts in your basement. As a result of the extra weight, they will often lean as they struggle to support the structure above. Foundation settlement has several causes. It is a good idea to discuss with your contractor what may be behind your settlement issue.

Basement or Crawlspace Water: If there is water pooling or leaking into your basement or crawlspace, this can cause the wood to rot and deteriorate. If you have metal beams and posts, this can also cause weakening due to rust which causes leaning and twisting. There are additional solutions for waterproofing that you can discuss with your contractor in your overall repair plan.

Solutions for Leaning Beams and Posts

To repair beam and post problems that are related to a settling foundation, foundation piers, such as helical piers or steel push piers should be installed to support the foundation. We use products from Earth Contact Products or ECP. ECP makes the best foundation repair products available on the market today. This should give you peace of mind that your repairs will last and your structure will be sound.

For wall cracks caused by leaning and bowing walls, wall anchors are installed to bring the cracks back together. This will eliminate the water leaking into your basement or crawlspace.

If you would like to connect with a foundation repair contractor, My Foundation Repairs can help. Our contractors are experienced and trustworthy. Customer service is at the core of every contractor in our network.