Does My Foundation Need Push Piers?

Is your foundation sinking? Are your walls sagging? Push piers can give your home the lift and stabilization it needs.

To do so, a bracket is placed under your foundation. Steel piles (rods) are then driven beneath the structure until they hit the load-bearing strata. (Also known as “bedrock,” “claystone” or “sandstone.”)

House illustration showing exterior foundation with push piers
Push piers are designed to lift your foundation back to its proper alignment.

The process is repeated as additional piers are placed roughly 5 to 7 feet apart in the affected area. Using multiple piers allows the weight of the structure to be evenly distributed. 

Without even distribution of the push piers, attempts to lift the foundation could result in additional damage.

Once the piers are in place, hydraulic jacks are placed on each pier to lift the structure back to its correct height.

The hydraulic jacks are then removed while the piers remain in place. Installation is all below ground and is then backfilled so upon completion there will be no visible signs that a repair was performed. 

My Foundation Repairs contractors use steel piers from Earth Contact Products.  ECP’s steel pier design penetrates the soil deeply, beyond expansive or active soils, to support structures from either the interior or exterior of the foundation without impeding installation.

Above ground close up of EC steel push pier
ECP is the leader in steel piering technologies.

ECP, the leaders in steel piering technologies, is known for the strongest and deepest driving pier systems available. 

Quiet, vibration-free equipment is used to install ECP steel piers. The equipment is portable for easy access in hard to reach areas such as basements and low overhead access areas. 

ECP Steel push piers are the most common foundation repair product used today.

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