Foundation Issues In Older Homes

southern victorian home with tall roof

Older homes have so much charm to them. Often, the particular designs and layouts in the interior of the home are appealing. This is a draw to buyers on the market who are looking for something unique. These are all great incentives to buying an older home. However, typically buyers know they will have to remodel the inside of these sometimes victorian homes-they are aware of this. On the other hand, home buyers may NOT be aware of the foundation issues in older homes. This is why it is important to understand the challenges that come with buying a mature home.

What Happens To An Older Home?

Let us start with this: what is considered an older home? Well, there is a lot of debate on this particular topic. However, the consensus seems to be this: if a home is older than 50 years, it is considered ‘older’ by most people in the industry. Furthermore, older homes have a lot of wear and tear to them. Essentially, they have been around a lot longer, so they need some tender care. In fact, the foundation of an older home is one of elements that may need some taking ‘care’ of.

Why is the foundation so important particularly in older homes? This is a great question. Older homes are prone to a variety of structural challenges such as major cracks and damage to the slab or perimeter foundation wall. Additionally, because of the ‘age’ of the home, other common foundation issues include uneven floors, foundation chipping and flaking, doors and windows that stick or will not latch, damaged piers, and damage in above ground studs, amongst others.

Solutions to Foundation Issues

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So now that we know some of the common foundation issues in older homes, what can you do about this? This is an easy question to answer! Contact My Foundation Repairs (MFR) for solutions to your foundation issues today! MFR will find cures to the specific foundation problems in your home. Whether your home requires plate anchors, polyurethane crack injections, or helical piers, My Foundation Repairs can find solutions! All of our foundation products are considered very high quality by industry standards, and will work in older homes and new homes, respectively.

Please Contact Us today for all of your home foundation issues. We look forward to solving any challenges you bring our way!