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Local Contractor looks to Atlas System of New England for Foundation Support

A local Chinatown contractor in New England wanted to build a 5-story addition to an existing structure but was stymied by foundation issues: how to support a 5-story building with the difficult soil conditions often found in the Boston area; with these soil types it was apparent that a deep foundation system was needed but which type and the footprint of the new addition is located within a walled area several building lots from the closest cross street and highly inaccessible. Because restricted site accessibility, poor soil conditions, and the need for a deep foundation system, there was only one possible solution. The solution involves utilizing Atlas Systems of New England to install a helical pier foundation support system specifically designed for the client.

Foundation Repair Solution

By installing helical pier foundation solutions, your foundation becomes stable and secure with little to no disturbance to the worksite. Helical piers are structural piering devices for residential and commercial foundation applications in use today. When installed deep into the stable soil they can be used to lift homes, stabilize foundations, elevate walkways, and retain walls.

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The process to design a proper deep foundation support system for this project was dependent on the following:

  •  Having a series of soil borings taken on-site to determine actual soil classification, location, and depths of soil strata, and soil bearing capacities.
  •  Having a geotechnical/structural engineer review the soils to determine what type of deep foundation system is best suited for the project.
  •  Develop a foundation plan showing pile design, pile locations, and depths of installation.
  •  Keeping accurate pier installation logs that record depths of piers and installation torques.

Atlas Systems of New England was subcontracted by the contractor (CC Brothers of Chinatown) to provide the deep foundation helical pier support system for this project. Our team of professionals offers the best foundation repair solutions to fix any situation. The Structural Engineer for this project hired by the owner was:

Mark Liao, P.E. Liao Associates, Inc. 625 Bedford St. E. Bridgewater, MA 02333

For additional information on this project please contact: Dennis P. Geisser at Atlas Systems of New England. Call 800-688-9774 and visit us at

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