Foundation Repair: Bottle Jacks are BAD!

For many people, foundation repairs are a necessary evil. Most homeowners are not knowledgeable on the technical aspects of repairing their home's foundation. Many people will simply look through the phone book or go online and look for a repair expert in their area. Unfortunately, a foundation repair contractor without the proper skills may be chosen based on price or convenience. This is where problems can start; lack of knowledge is the enemy of quality workmanship.

Quality foundation repair contractors have years of experience and a host of quality products and employees at their disposal so that they can apply the best solution to your home's unique situation. The bad contractors base their business on price and convenience. They are able to install their pier systems very quickly and inexpensively because they don't do it correctly. No thought is given to the real factors involved with structurally stabilizing a foundation which include:

  • bottle jackStructural weight
  • Elevation of the structure
  • Structural strength of the current foundation
  • Pier system capacities
  • Synchronized lifting
  • Soil properties
  • Drainage and water runoff

Get Quality Foundation Repairs

One of the simplest ways to tell if you are receiving a quality foundation repair is to inquire about the equipment being used for your repair. Many low cost, fly-by-night contractors use simple bottle jacks (car jacks) to drive pier sections into the soil. They will then use these same car jacks in an attempt to stabilize your home. This should throw up a red flag to all homeowners. If the contractor will not spend money on quality, engineer-approved equipment they most likely will not repair your home in a quality, engineer-approved manner.

Quality structural repair systems have a gauge and valve to measure and limit the hydraulic forces applied to your home. When lifting a structure, multiple heavy duty hydraulic cylinders and valve banks are used to complete a synchronized lift. This way the foundation is supported and lifted evenly, as not to apply unequal forces on a structure. It should now be obvious why engineers and quality foundation repair contractors do not implement bottle jacks to repair your home's foundation. Contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a reputable and professional contractor near you.

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