Foundation Repair Methods – The good and the bad


Understanding the positives and negatives of each foundation repair method will help with your decision when picking a foundation repair contractor. Some contractors advertise that they can put in every type of piering system, other concentrate on just one or two piering methods. The “jacks of all trades” usually are the master of none. They generally take short cuts and due to the fact that they are not thoroughly trained in each specific method. The foundation repair contractors that pick a system or two and stick with it generally can master the methods and provide a better quality job. They may not have the answer for every situation but they will generally provide better quality work on the jobs that they accept.

The next thing that you need to know is the positives and negative (limitations) of each foundation repair method. All commonly accepted methods have their place or application where they shine. Some methods, like steel push piers and helical anchors, are more adaptable to different situations, yet even they have their limitations. Using the correct method for your particular application is the difference between a job well done and job that is only a temporary band aid.



 Concrete Concrete Cylinders  Helical  Push
cheap      X       X    
utilizes skin friction for support      X       X    
bottle jacks used      X       X    
shims used for leveling      X       X    
high failure rate      X       X    
works in confined spaces         X     X    X
engineered lifting system         X    X
multiple bracket designs         X    X
Load tested during installation         X    X
Design flexibility         X    X 



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