How do Helical Tieback Anchors Work?

how helical tie backs are installed graphic

Helical tieback anchors are designed to straighten or strengthen basement walls. In addition, they can be used to fix bowing or leaning walls.

External water pressure, also known as hydrostatic pressure, places pressure on your foundation walls.

Furthermore, as that water pressure shoves inwards, your foundation walls can bow or curve inward or start to lean or rotate. (Understanding Block Foundation Cracks)

In addition to being visually unappealing, bowing or leaning foundation walls are a structural issue. If ignored, external water pressure will continue to push the walls inward and could ultimately cause a wall collapse.

As a result, helical tieback anchors have become very popular with the engineering community due to their strength.

Helical Tieback Anchors Cancel Out Water Pressure on Foundation Walls

Helical tieback anchors provide opposite pressure that cancels out the hydrostatic pressure. More specifically, it’s like a tug-of-war where both sides are evenly matched.

Helical tiebacks are large, screw-like implements that install in the soil next to your basement wall.

Tiebacks are screwed into the soil horizontally through a small hole in your foundation wall. Anchors are attached to the interior of the wall, applying tension to straighten the wall and keep it from bowing or leaning in the future.

Once the installation is complete, the hole in the wall is sealed and the site cleaned.

Installation is Quick and Disturbance Minimal

home diagram with helical tieback

Because the process requires very little machinery, installation time is quick. There’s no need to wait for grout or cement to cure, meaning installation can often be completed in a single day.

There’s little disturbance to your yard or landscaping, and helical tiebacks can be installed in any weather.

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If you have bowing, leaning or rotating basement walls in your home, a foundation specialist should be contacted immediately.

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