How Noticeable Are Push Piers?

push pierPush piers can stabilize your home’s foundation. They’re installed below ground, so they’re not noticeable.

One question we’re occasionally asked at My Foundation Repairs is, “How noticeable are push piers?” The answer is, not noticeable at all.

We understand homeowners want to correct foundation problems, but they also don’t want unsightly evidence marring the exterior of their home and ruining curb appeal.

Push piers are perfect, because we’re able to install them below ground level. You may need to replant grass or lay sod, but once that grows in, you’ll never know the push piers are there.

How do push piers work?

Push piers, sometimes call resistance piers or steel piers, are designed to give your home the lift and stabilization it needs. This can help bring sinking foundations (which can lead to sagging walls and other structural issues) back to level.

To do so, a trench area is dug around the foundation area in need of support. A bracket is placed under your foundation. Steel piles (rods) are then driven beneath the structure until they hit the load-bearing strat (also known as “bedrock”).

The process is repeated as additional piers are placed roughly 5 to 7 feet apart in the affected area. Using multiple piers allows the weight of the structure to be evenly distributed.

Once the push piers are in place, hydraulic jacks are placed on each pier to lift your foundation back to its correct level.

The hydraulic jacks are then removed, while the piers remain in place.

Because pier installation is below ground, once the work is done, the area will be backfilled. You won’t be able to see any signs of the push piers above ground.

Push piers won’t affect your curb appeal and can increase home value

Though there are minimal yard and landscaping disruptions during the installation process itself, once our contractors are finished, you’ll be able to return your yard exactly as it was before.

The only change to your home will be a secure, level foundation, and peace of mind that your home is no longer sinking.

Installing push piers can help increase your home’s resell value. Today’s buyers want move-in ready homes. They’re shying away from properties requiring work.

Knowing you’ve used proven and reliable push piers to solve foundation issues gives buyers the confidence they need to purchase your home.

At My Foundation Repairs, our nationwide network of contractors rely on Made in America push piers built by Earth Contact Products.

Contact us today to schedule your in-home estimate. Let us show you how push piers can work for your foundation.