Is it Safe to Live in a House During Foundation Repairs?

If you’ve noticed shifting, settling, or sinking areas of your home, it’s likely that your foundation is moving. Foundation problems are rarely caused by poor construction, but rather poor compaction, and more commonly, poor water drainage. A common question we receive from homeowners is “Is it safe to live in my house during foundation repairs?” And the answer is yes! Here’s why:

It is Safe to Live in a House During Foundation Repairs

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Foundation Repairs Have Little to No Vibration

Many homeowners think that foundation repairs are going to be disastrous or knock items off of the walls. But the truth is that you probably won’t notice foundation repairs happening in your home because there are little to no vibrations during install. The only disturbance you’re likely to encounter is noise from the small machinery.

Foundation Repairs Are Safe and Secure

Although your foundation is moving while being lifted, it is moving slightly and slowly. As we mentioned before, there is little to no disturbance to your home during installation. Our contractors continuously monitor all foundation repairs to ensure a safe and secure environment, and a successful installation. The project manager will monitor equipment and make sure everything is working properly, as well as stop lifting in areas when they reach the specified install location.

Safety is a Top Priority

Our contractors are insured, certified, and maintain safety protocols for foundation repairs. While some situations can be dangerous for installers, you can rest assured that our contractors and installers receive proper and extensive training on how to handle and install foundation repair products. Safety is a top priority for you, and the workers.

Not Repairing Your Foundation is More Dangerous than Foundation Repairs

By not repairing your foundation, you’re actually creating a more dangerous situation than during foundation repairs. Foundation problems will usually create other problems over time. Therefore, it’s important to get your foundation repaired as soon as possible.

Contact My Foundation Repairs

As soon as you notice signs of foundation problems, contact us as soon as possible. We have a nationwide network of professional foundation repair specialists that will work with you to create a safe and permanent solution for your foundation problems.