Moist Soil Equals Safer Foundation

Keep Soil Moist

dry weather dry soilMaking sure your home’s foundation has stability throughout the year takes some diligence on the part of the homeowner. When the soil beneath the foundation is not getting enough moisture, it will shrink. If your home is built on clay soil, this is especially true. Maintaining a controlled watering program is one of the first course of action that should be taken. During the hot, dry summers, the soil will crack. Then when it does rain, the water will travel into the cracks accumulate causing it to lose some of its load-bearing capacity. When this happens, the home will sink or settle. By keeping the soil moist during hot, dry weather, this will prevent the ground from cracking. Maintaining a steady moisture level is important to keeping your foundation safe.

If the moisture level is not maintained during dry weather, when it does rain, the water will cause the soil to expand and move upward. This movement, plus that of the contracting during dry weather, and expanding during wet weather, put stress on your home’s foundation and causes damage. By taking care of your foundation before damage occurs you will save money in the long run.

Make Sure You Have Proper Drainage

If you are vigilant and are taking the steps to keep the soil moist, make sure the water is draining away from the foundation. Improper drainage away from the foundation will cause the water to pool in certain areas. This will make it wetter in one area and dryer in another area of the foundation. Something else to consider is if the soil is not getting enough moisture, any trees or shrubs close to the foundation are also soaking up whatever moisture is left in the ground. Moist soil actually helps keep homes from settling unevenly leading to cracks in foundations.

Foundation damage is caused not only by the moisture content of the soil but can also be caused by improper backfilled soil. If the proper process of compaction was not done at the time of construction, the home will sink a few inches. This is deep enough to cause some serious foundation damage.

Some of the signs that you may have a foundation problem are cracks in brick, bowing walls, windows and doors that stick, sloping floors, and leaning chimneys. If you notice any of these signs of foundation damage, My Foundation Repairs has the solutions. The products we use for foundation repair are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products in the industry.

Steel piers are an excellent choice for repair issues caused by swelling clay soil, poor compaction and erosion or runoff. These piers are an end bearing pier that does not rely on the soils skin friction to provide support. Helical piers have the capacity and longevity to support the foundation for years to come. They are installed quickly and can also be used in new home construction. Plate anchors are used to stabilize cracked and bowed walls. These plate anchors can be installed quickly using handheld equipment with little disturbance to landscaping.

By being aware of how foundation settlement happens, homeowner’s can help prevent foundation damage. But if you do notice any signs of foundation damage, contact My Foundation Repairs for a free estimate. We will be glad to answer any question you have regarding your foundation repair issues.

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