Solutions for Bowing Walls

Different Causes Mean Different Solutions

There is no question that if you notice the walls in your home are bowing inward, it is extremely alarming. It may be bowing slightly, or severely, but no matter what, you need to make the call for an inspection. If you are looking for a contractor to evaluate your bowing basement walls, My Foundation Repairs has a network of professional contractors. We can connect you with a contractor in your area. Bowing walls have different causes, and a contractor can inspect your basement to determine the correct solutions for bowing walls in your home.

straight and horizontal wall crack in basement foundation

Example of a bowing wall

3 Products Manufactured for Bowing Walls

When your contractor comes to inspect your basement, they will carefully evaluate your walls. Depending on what is causing the wall to bow inward, a different solution may be supplied. My Foundation Repairs contractors use products manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP) for the bowing wall application:

Wall Anchors: When a wall anchor is used, a hole is drilled into the basement wall, and the helical wall anchor is drilled deep into the inactive soils around your house. From the inside of the wall, your contractor applies an anchor bolt and tightens it. Once the steel plate is in place, it holds the helical anchor in place. Through this process, your wall returns to its original position.

Helical Piers: Much like giant screws, there is a lead portion of the helical pier. The long shaft ends in a helix-shaped screw that will penetrate the earth below your foundation. They are evenly spaced at pre-determined intervals so they equally bear the weight of the foundation making your structure secure.

Steel Push Piers: Steel piers are often used for heavier loads, and are also constructed like giant screws. They are hydraulically driven deep below the load-bearing soil under your foundation. Your foundation repair contractor will advise you if steel push piers are recommended for your foundation. They are ideal for elevating concrete that has settled or for sloping areas of your foundation in addition to your bowing wall.

helical tiebacks

Helical Piers

Solutions for Bowing Walls That are Tailored to Your Needs

Your My Foundation Repairs contractor will work directly with you to diagnose your problem. They will find the right solution for your specific situation. Our network of contractors believe in customer service and providing you the best experience possible. Our core values include:

  • Clear, open communication about the project
  • After installation, the work area left clean and orderly
  • Don’t offer services and products that you don’t need
  • Willing to work around your schedule
  • Always be on time for the job
  • Offer professional, quality service

Contact our customer service professionals today to connect to the best company in your area to fit your needs. We look forward to helping you resolve your foundation problems and giving you a stable, strong home for years and years to come!